Friday, February 25, 2011

Milk Money.

A year ago yesterday, I was in a very different place, but essentially, my goals were the same.  Read what I had to say about getting financially prepared for an emergency. 

By the way, we had one this year.  More on our disaster later...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My little man is growing fast, with an appetite to match.  These days, I can barely meet his milk demands.  Try as I might, I'm sure he's thinking, "Mommy!  Come on now, don't nipple-and-dime me! More, please!"  (At least, I imagine he'd say please.)

I had a curious thought the other night, which leads me to today's topic.  I got a chuckle out of it, but it made a little sense...  If only I could save my money like I save my breast milk.  To some of you, this might be a grotesque comparison, but as any nursing mother knows, it's a commodity comparable to gold!  Self-professed, I'm frugal with my stock -- my neatly organized, frozen supply of liquid gold.  Sadly however, when it comes to the green, you know, a dollar, my bank account, my credit cards, I am not so conservative!

So, this one's for my father-in-law, Tony Kohn.


Main Entry:  Kohn
Pronunciation:  \cōne\
Function:  Verb
Etymology:  German
Date:  1941

1 a:  To save  b:  To save everything  c:  To budget and utilize envelopes ‹To live the good life›


In the last few years, I've had a true desire to roll my sleeves up, and get serious about my financial future.  However, for one guilty purchase or another, I have not!  I've read the books.  I've created my "Debt Snowball Plan," but I haven't followed through.  Now that I have a child, the stakes are higher.  The probability of a catastropic, "rainy day" is much more likely, and I want to be prepared.  Honestly, I must get prepared! 

So, I'm going to put the "things" down, the materialistic somethings that mean absolutely nothing, and I'm going to embrace the simple joys in life.

For those of you wondering, they are as follows:

Close, baby snuggles in the morning. 
A calming glass of red wine at night.
Love that isn't always easy.
And, family to understand and listen.

I am going to get financially fit in 2010.
If my milk was money, I'd be rich, debt-free, and lovin' it!

Thanks for all the talks, Papa e-KOHN-nom-ics!

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