Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ship was Quiet

Seeing as it's Veteran's Day, I'd like to share a personal statement my grandfather made about the last days of World War II.

I'd also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those many courageous individuals that have served, and do serve our country! 

FYI:  This quote comes from a story my father wrote twenty plus years ago -- The Struggles of an Irish Family.  By some miracle, I've managed to keep it safely tucked away over these last few decades. 
My late grandfather, US Navy Signalman 3rd Class William Joseph Mulligan, recalled to my father...

"When the war was declared over, my ship laid anchor off Leyte Gulf in the Phillipines.  We had resupplied with ammunition to go to Japan.  I was on the bridge, and a lookout yelled "kamikaze!"  I was praying!  I thought the war over, and I would be going home, but this damn plane kept coming closer to the ship.  The guns were firing, but it kept coming closer.  I was crying, praying for God to help us.  I remember saying, "The war is over.  Not now!"  I closed my eyes out of fear.  Then there was a loud explosion.  I thought we had been hit, and with all the ammunition on board the ship; we would be blown to heaven.  I opened my eyes, and the plane had been shot down some fifty feet away.  We were safe.  The ship was very quiet that night, and I thanked God for his help that day." 

Many thanks to all that so willingly sacrifice in the name of freedom!

Thanks, Grandpa!  And thanks, Dad!

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