Monday, March 28, 2011

An Education.

I dreamt of jazz and Paris as a young girl, so this film (with its coming-of-age story) really hit home.

Not to mention, I love London and all things BRIT-vintage.  (And despite my husband's insistence, we will live there for while.) 

I mean, I could listen to Dusty Springfield for a lifetime and never grow tired.  I could watch To Sir with Love over and over and over...

With endearing performances by Alfred Molina and Rosamund Pike (to name a few), this film is a current fave.  Although I must argue, the last 10 minutes fell a bit short.  Too much 'tie-it-up-with-a-bow' cinematic music, but...

An Education is still worth watching.  I must also say, from one Mulligan to another:  Carey, you nailed it!

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