Monday, March 7, 2011

A Favorite Family Something.

I've been putting my ancestral puzzle together for quite some time now, and this happens to be my favorite family heirloom, but first...

I'm fortunate to know a lot about my father's ancestors, but frankly, I know very little about my mother's kinfolk. 

In fact, I know only what she tells me:

  1. They were Norwegian, and
  2. They were Native American.

So, here's the family something that confirms my Indian heritage.

Here's what I know...

This handmade doll once belonged to my great grandmother, Thelma Schaeffer.  A nearly blind, Blackfoot Indian from Kalispell, Montana, she gave this Eskimo keepsake to my mother (in the late 60's) on the pretense that it had been given to her by her grandmother.

Wow!  So, I can't say or begin to estimate its age?  It's old though!

With its delicate beading, leather face, and seal-hair coat, it's definitely one of my favorite things.  Not to mention, it belonged at one time to my great-great-great Indian grandmother. 

I'd love to know more...

PS - Antiques Roadshow is coming to Atlanta in August! 

PPS - Who knows?

PPPS - Read more like this here.

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