Friday, March 11, 2011

I Marvel at the Marble.

I marvel at the marble, and wonder where o' where you've gone?

Is it just me, or were they everywhere at one time?  Marbles.  On the street?  In the dirt?  Under a tree?  It seems to me I spent a good long portion of my youth finding them in the most random of places.

Now, nothing.  Nowhere.  Not a sight.

This glass goldfish is not a marble in the good ol' sense, but it so happens to be the greatest token of our love.  (Mark's and mine.)

Aside from our child, that is!

As a side note, you may have noticed recently my sentimental posts showcasing simple (perhaps even odd) things like seal-hair dolls and census papers.  You may wonder why I'm adament in sharing them?

Really, what's the big deal? 

Well, let me try to explain...

I know it's silly, but we're not guaranteed anything in this life.  I mean, I really hope I live to be old, old, old.  And I hope just as much that those I love and care for grow to be old, old, old with me, but I just can't say for sure?  So, I feel it necessary to write what I value.

And I'm learning (with age), that those things don't cost lots of money.  In fact, they're neither bought nor sold for much of anything.  They just have heart.  They tell a story.

And folks, a STORY is gold in my mind.

So, I marvel at the Murano marble.  Our lil' glass ball that we bought together on a rainy September day, on a crooked side street in Venice, when our love was just new and our pockets empty.

It means as much to me as my $16 DICE wedding ring!

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