Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Log, Jog, and Blog. v2

As I promised, here's my healthy-living, weight-loss update:

So, after a week and some of moderate dieting and increased exercise, I've lost two pounds.  I haven't been stringent, either.

Week Two:

Weight - 146 lbs.

(See where I started here.)

In fact, what I've done thus far is simple, and it doesn't center 'round restriction or deprivation.  Basically, I've been particular about eating regularly, at specific times.  I've also avoided eating late at night.

More often than not, I miss meals, graze, or make poor food-choices because I'm starving.  I knew going into this LOG, JOG, and BLOG series, these bad habits would have to change.  So, that's what I'm focusing on now... correcting long-standing meal mistakes.

Does that make sense?

I've also made other modifications.  Slight ones, at that. 

For the most part, I already eat unprocessed, natural foods.  And I love fruits and vegetables, but I don't care too much for water. 

So, I'm having to make liquid changes.  For instance:

  • More water (64 - 80 ounces per day),
  • Less red wine (no more nightly glasses), and
  • Decreased diet cokes (six is just too many).  

With this all being said, I haven't been perfect these last few days.  I don't intend to, either.  I want to still live, laugh, and be human.  I just want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, and moderation is key.  I have exercise thoughts to share, but I'll wait 'til next time.

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