Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Log, Jog, and Blog. v3

I was supposed to LOG, but my head's been in a fog.

I was supposed to JOG, but I've been eating like a hog.

Now that it's time to BLOG, I don't really have an excuse!

If you can't tell (from my tone), this past week of healthy-living hasn't been so stellar.  For one, I've had family in town, and Grammy's cupcake recipe is to die for!  I realize willpower is a part of it all, but my friend Will's been on vacation, too.

Loads more STROLLER sessions are in order!

BOO!  I'm jumping back on the train though...

Week Three:

Weight - 148

As a side note, there'll be no clicking back today to see where I started.  This folks, is where I started! 

What a waste of precious blog space...

But I'm encouraged to start anew, and I've found a helpful site here.  So, I'll be seeing you again next week with positive changes to report.  Read more from this series.

Does anyone want to join me virtually on My Fitness Pal?  If so, contact me here.  I'd love to have you!

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