Friday, May 27, 2011

Ice Cream's Good 4 U! Wanna Co-Host?

Wanna co-host, The Sundae HopPUH-lease with sprinkles on top!

As of right now, I need one additional co-host for this upcoming weekend, and frankly, the rest are wide open. 

(Psst... ICE CREAM'S GOOD 4 U!)

If interested, contact me here.

Also, am I the only blogger experiencing a Google malfunction?  Not only have I been unable to comment in past days, but it's also been brought to my attention that people aren't able to follow via GFC.

If you've tried without success to enter A Cutey Booty Giveaway, you can disregard the first mandatory "FOLLOW" entry.  Instead, substitute an "EXTRA" form of submission in its place. 

For example:  I voted at TopBabyBlogs, and I like the green boxers!

While I'm at it, this giveaway ends Monday night @ 11:59 PM EDT.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend! 

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  1. I have been experiencing the Google malfunction too! I just sent you an email!

  2. Oh my gosh Google Malfunction is a total understatement! More like Google Meltdown/Crisis/Fiasco! I voted for you and sent you some info regarding your hop :)

  3. I have had some issues, too. So annoying :(

    If you are looking for co's... I'll step in again if you'd like.


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