Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Pup from Orvieto.

This little blue pup hails from the idyllic Umbrian hill town, Orvieto.  What a glorious place, if you've not been!

That said, this wide-eyed knick knack is one of my favorite things.

For one, when I purchased pup, I was hoping he'd be the sentimental equivalent to the Venetian goldfish we'd scored years before...

I was skeptical though.  How could a €2 dog rival the Murano marble I'd long deemed our greatest love token

If you're curious, and wondering... pup does. 

He most definitely rivals.

Reason being, I was newly pregnant and unequivocally convinced I was having a girl, Gemma.  So, I wandered unknowing through the medieval cittá, ever so often rubbing my belly, speaking in my mind to our little gem.

It was romantic.  And, it was perfect.  Only glitch, I had a boy.

So, the blue pup, much like the blue man here, brings me back, and reminds me how it felt to feel new life, internally.  My lil' boy!

Those days were magic!

If you ever find yourself bored in Rome (ha ha), I highly recommend the hour-long trek to Orvieto via Termini Station. 

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  1. Great story behind each of your treasures. :) I'd love to visit Italy someday! My husband's part Italian and it'd be great to take a family trip there one of these years.

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  5. I just love coming to your blog. You have such great style.

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  6. Oh what a sweet story! I love little objects like this that will always hold a story for your family!

  7. cute story... and a cute little pup :)

  8. Cute story :)

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  9. What a fun sweet memory! I love that type of sentimentality that can attach to sweet little unexpected things.

  10. That is such a sweet story and nice to have momento x


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