Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Water Wednesday. v1

The heat and humidity, most commonly associated with historic Charleston, South Carolina, is officially here!  And, it's scorching!

In turn, the blaze leaves me sadly saying so long, bidding farewell to a few personal springtime favorites:  carefree afternoon strolls, midday meals al fresco, pleasant noontime park sessions, and joyful rides with windows down. 

But, it's on to new things.  Ones mainly centering 'round the WATER.

So, I'm now looking forward to balmy days spent beachside, sprinklers on spin, and late-day rainstorms by the dozen.   First however, a Folly flashback from Aksel's first ocean adventure. 

I can't wait to see how little man reacts this year!  I suspect things will be different.  Very, very different.

More water (and summer-inspired) shots to follow...

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  1. I always love your pictures. Looking forward to more Summer photos :)


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