Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With a Pocketful of Change.

In this life, in this big unforgiving world, I ask:  What do you stand for?  And again:  What do you believe in?  (Take just a moment.)

Are you thinking?  Any answers? 

I'm curious to know, because it matters.  Really, it does.

Myself, I believe you can be the wishful change, whether grand or slight.  In this world, I mean.  It just requires heart.

A persistent voice doesn't hurt, either. 

For example, I was moved to tears (go figure) at the kindness of a stranger who nobly stood this afternoon to join my cause.  That's right, silly ol' me.  I think I love her, too.  Her heart, at least.

A woman with a voice, known simply to me as The Outspoken Introvert, made a $10 donation to this organization, and in doing so, bought five underprivileged children their first books.  Five kids who deserve a chance in life, just the same as you and me. 

It's crucial we educate our poor, and it starts with a book.  So please consider donating today.  Our tomorrow really depends on it. 

With a pocketful of change, you can be the change. 

In South Carolina?  Click here.
Not in South Carolina?  Click here.

(Two dollars buys one book.)

If you contribute, please leave a comment.  If you don't, comment all the same.  I'd love to know what you stand for.

Lastly (and I promise this is it), I write this blog to be heard.  Yes, some out there may find it trivial.  What with endless giveaways and seeming nonsense, but this post in particular is why I do it.   We all need a platform for good, and this so happens to be my soapbox.  I love that you're here.  I love that you listen.  Thanks for reading! 

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