Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help Keep My Dream Alive!

I've been writing since I was a girl.  Twelve, to be exact.  Here, for example, are a few of my dusty journals...

I love it!  What can I say?

I've been writing about life, love, and the angst along the way for a long time now.  But I have a child and husband, so things are different.  I've traded spontaneity for stability.  Adventure for meaning...

So, I ask kindly:  Will you help keep my dream alive? 

Seriously, if you read, and happen to genuinely like, Baby Talk without the Babble, please take a second and VOTE at  As many of you know, administrators have routinely reset stats, and we're all starting over.  It's my goal to reach (and maintain) a top 25 position.  I need your help though...

With great admiration ~

We Are A Top Baby Blog


  1. Hi, vote for you and wishing you luck.

  2. Following you from the Alexia Hop
    Mom in Training


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