Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Two Dimes

Last week, a stranger at Costco looked at both my husband and me, and prophetically said, "you're gonna have twins."

This statement scared Mark. 

Especially seeing as how he's joked for ages now about having twin girls as payback for his ungentlemanly behavior in years past.

But, there's reason for fear...

First though, here's a photo of our favorite bobs and beach bits from tropical trips we've taken.  Sea, I'm keeping with the theme!

Now back to what I was saying about twins and fear...

The day my suspicions were confirmed, and we learned we were pregnant - with Aksel - I found two curious dimes sparkling side-by-side on the asphalt behind our restaurant.  (SHOWN ABOVE)

"No biggie," you might think. 

So, I scooped 'em up and put 'em in my pocket.  Obviously.

But, what I read just minutes after the 20¢ score, made the coins all the more special.  Forboding, if you will.

Upon Google searching - four weeks pregnant - I learned my baby was the size of a dime.  Coincidental, right? 

I mean, I just found two dimes.  Now, my baby's the size of dime. 

Actually, you might not think it's a big deal at all.  But to me, a woman who strongly believes that in this life, there are no coincidences, I was dead-set certain we were expecting twins. 

Two dimes equaled two babies.

Again, you might just think I was being superstitious, or perhaps over-exaggerating the situation.  But here's the real kicker folks, TWINS ARE IN MY LINE!

And, what about the pyschic Costco clerk and her twin prophecy? 

What do you think? 

I realize it's all irrelevant just now.  I mean, we have a boy.  One baby boy.  No twins.  I just think the evidence is mounting...

PS - There's will be no Sundae Hop tonight.  I'm on vacation.

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  1. It would be funny if the psychic costco worker was right, though!

  2. I'm a big believer in signs SO it's definitely possible twin girls are in your future :) Hope you're enjoying your vacation! Missed you on Sundae!

  3. Oh my gosh, so many signs! Wow, I'll have to keep us updated!


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