Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Wednesday. v3

Seeing as the next two weeks will be spent at the beach with family, we've been particular about preparing Aksel for the occasion. 

Where the water is concerned, that is.

I mean, Mark (my husband) and I didn't want to plop Aksel in the sand, and throw him to the water wolves.  We didn't want to terrify or overwhelm him, either. 

So, we've gone slow.  Aksel's had, over the last month, a chance to discover the water on his own time, for himself.

I think he's ready, too! 

If you've enjoyed my series of recent water posts, you know we've invested in a number of inexpensive, recreational summer toys:  a sprinkler, a crab poolsquirters, a bucket set, and a beachball.

They've been put to good use, too!  For instance, Aksel loves sticking his face in the sprinkler.  It's so cute!

I fail to mention, we've also spent a good amount of time physically at the beach. (We're lucky to only live 15 minutes away!)

And, you know what?  We worried for no reason!  Aksel LOVES the beach... the water, the waves, the salt, the sand, sharing his toys! 

Most of all though, Aksel loves exploring! 

And as a mother, for me, there's nearly nothing so sweet as watching him wander and wonder.  It makes me so happy!

But I most love, beachside, watching a tired boy that's roamed too far, ride back on daddy's shoulders.  In particular, when said boy slumps over, rests his chin on daddy's head, and boasts a serious case of plumber butt.  It's cracks me up!

I hope you (and your wee ones) get to enjoy the water today!  XO

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  1. Aww! Such precious pictures! I'm so envious of how close you are to a beach!

  2. what a beautiful child he is!! :) I'm sure you must be so proud!
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  3. He is so cute! And how awesome that he will put his face right in the water... my kids took forever to get to that point.

  4. Love those pictures! I can't wait to expose Aura to more water... so far we've only done baby tub, showers and rain. She seems to love it though and we've never had a bath time battle so I have high hopes! Signing up for mama and babe swim classes at the local Y soon. We live in RI so we're surrounded by water. I learned to swim very early and I've always loved the water, hoping do do the same for my little bean.
    Loved the post, looks like he's having a blast!

  5. Such precious pictures.He is so cute! And how awesome that he will put his face right in the water.It has some amazing applications for babies


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