Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Boy's Bookcase... {Debi's Kids}

There's just no denying it, my little one LOVES his books!  And he's fortunate to have loads of 'em.  A whole whopping bookcase, in fact.

But another boy's bookcase... is bare.  Sadly, bare.  And this boy will start school having never seen the bright colors of a caterpillar...

Or tasted green eggs and ham...

Or touched Pat the Bunny...

And guess what?  He's never heard Mr. Brown MOO!

My heart wants to fill his shelves, and others like him.  So, without further appeals, I'll tell you what I'm doing to accomplish this goal.  

I'm collecting new books for the Charleston-based non-profit organization, Debi's Kids.

And to date, I have 100+ books stacked neatly in my spare bedroom.

Here are a few books I've already collected for Debi's Kids.

A little bit about Debi's Kids:

Debi's Kids began in 1993 as a holiday toy campaign benefitting the less fortunate children (ages 12 and under) of Charleston, SC.  

And since 2009, Debi's Kids has collected, in addition to toys, new books in a push to promote literacy.  

Amazingly, the all-volunteer organization, led by Live 5 News Anchor, Debi Chard, was successful in offering more than 4300 children, age-appropriate books during the 2009 holiday season.  Read more...


But more important, you can help too!  Here's how:

To start, Debi's Kids will kick off their annual book drive - 12 Days of Reading - at Barnes & Noble locations in Charleston on August 1st.

To support the cause, you can:

  • Donate a new book for a child 12 and under, or
  • Purchase something in store or online from Barnes & Noble, referencing book fair number - 10524338 - to donate a portion of sales to Debi's Kids. (Valid August 1-12)
Note:  You can also directly send books to me c/o Debi's Kids. 

There's a lot more information, but rather than overwhelm you... if you're interested in helping, email me with questions.  Also, be on the lookout for more updates and incentives as Debi's Kids' annual book drive - 12 Days of Reading - gets closer.

Or like Debi's Kids on Facebook here.

And lastly, you can always donate to support your local First Book advisory board.  Let's just fill the shelves of another kid's case...

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