Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Curl and a Boy!

This is the true story of a curl and a boy...

My boy.  His curls. 

And it's unFROgettable!  Not really, but it is something. 

In little under eight weeks, for example, since Aksel's first haircut, he's gone from leader of the Rat Pack, to owner of a rats' nest.  And it came to a messy head (literally) two nights ago, after I successfully detangled his back curls, or shall I say, dreads.

Once the hair was unknotted (which was a feat in itself), the wet curls coiled neatly at the nape of Aksel's neck.  As I sat back, I made an unsettling hair realization...  MY KID HAS A CURL MULLET! 

And I don't want him to face hair ridicule (because I've been there), or look like any one of these characters below:

So, a second haircut is in fast order.  But I have a question first:  Do you think a curl mullet is an acceptable hairstyle for a toddler?

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  1. LOL Love this post... He is so cute though... I am sure you will guide in the process.

  2. Is there an unacceptable hairstyle for toddlers? I think what toddlers have going for them that, say, a 30-year-old man with a beer gut does not is pint-sized adorableness. I'll forgive alot of weird toddlerness just because of cuteness.

  3. I think his hair is adorable!! Pretty much anything is cute on a toddler though...

  4. Toddlers can get away with a lot! I always said I would cut my daughter's hair if it started to be a baby mullet, but when the mullet appeared I couldn't bring myself to do it. She had worked so hard for that hair!

  5. His hair is adorable. I can hardly wait to battle my little ones curls (due in November) Daddy has the most insanely curly hair i have ever seen so it is destiny.

    Toddler Mullet = Totally Acceptable!


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