Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heeere's Johnnie!

The bottle of Scotch below's been in my husband's family for going on forty years now.  Cool, huh?

Actually, it's been chillin' (literally) with rolls of Angel Soft under the sink of my in-laws' guest bathroom for some three+ decades. 

It's safe to say, they're not big drinkers... (said with sarcasm)

But really, my husband found Johnnie a couple months back, and its history's too precious to chuck.  For one, Mark can't recall the number of times he diluted the blend after sneaking shots (from said bathroom) as a teenager.  Not to mention, if he survives another generation (Johnnie, that is), Aksel will be the proud owner of a bottle purchased by his late great-grandparents, Cliff and Amy Hirst, as a gift for his grandparents (my in-laws), Tony and Judy Kohn.

So, it's a sort of odd family heirloom.  At this rate though, he's a part of the family.  Even if he is Scotch!

Now, heeere's Johnnie and the Kohns.

(Aksel and I are noticeably absent in the family photo below.  I was chasing my lil' water baby down the beach.)

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  1. This such a neat and interesting story. So much history. Johnnie should definitely stick around.

  2. Ha! this is hilarious! and I am in very few family beach shots too... for the same reason!


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