Monday, July 25, 2011

The Last Twenty Before Thirty

I'm down to my last twenty, and wondering... how will I spend it?

And I'm not talkin' money.  I'm talkin' age, folks.

Basically, I want - 29 - to count, to really mean something.  So, I'm thinking hard, and putting a list (of goals) together.

But it's not all clear... just yet.  It's just a good time to be proactive.

Nonetheless, here's the first few 'to-dos' in a list I've aptly titled:

The Last Twenty Before Thirty

  1. Donate my time to charities I believe in.
  2. Sing more.
  3. Judge less.  Accept situations for what they are.  People, too.

* Note:  I will elaborate on each goal in separate posts this week.

Now, do you have a list of specific goals you'd like to accomplish in coming months?  Don't know, and wanna think on it?  Perhaps write about it?  If so, look for this series - The Last Twenty Before Thirty - and consider joining me on my quest for meaning and fulfillment.

FYI:  I'm hosting a link-up next time.  So, get started.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for joining up to the 3 Month Challenge to Make Money at Blogging. I'll be posting the weekly challenge every Friday.

    I remember turning 29 and 30. You'll love your 30ies.

    Blessings, Renee


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