Thursday, July 7, 2011

National Chocolate Day!

Did you know it's National Chocolate Day?  Who knew?!

To top it off, did you know that cocoa is technically considered a vegetable?  Wowza!

Thankfully, my kid loves his veggies!

Thanks for informing me, Christina!  Now, check out her blog [here] for some sinful chocolate deals...

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  1. You just made my day!
    And all this time I thought my son didn't like vegetables!
    Now, off to go celebrate!!

  2. Your pics of your son are so cool and so incredibly adorable!

  3. I may have to go out and by some chocolate for this special occasion.

    Your kids are soooo cute!! I love the pics.


  4. OMG! I love that shirt on him!! I won't tell my kids chocolate is a veggie, they'll have a new excuse to dip in the candy jar more often!

    IF you are interested in a potty party I am having today check it out and register at one of my blogs. If not, that's cool, feel free to share it with any of your mommy friends! - my newest blog


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