Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lemons for Lunch

Lemons for lunch, all last week.  That's what I got.

And when I say lemons, I mean a punch in the gut, bad news, I'm-gonna-lose-it information.  And I'm not kidding, either.

*Before I get to whinging though, I must first say, I'm thankful.  Things could be worse!

For one, Aksel's first speech therapy appointment shook me hard.

(I cried for days thereafter.)

Basically, his comprehension and expression of speech is significantly delayed.  And as our therapist said, 'we have our work cut out for us.'

I mean, It's crazy being a mother, feeling instinctive, thinking you know your child's everything, only to realize you don't.

Or you were wrong.

Since the autism conversation began four months ago, to my credit, I've been strong and optimistic.  (Relatively speaking.)

But that all changed last Wednesday.

I now feel I'm in the dark, standing in the shadow of special needs, and I want answers:  for my child, for my sanity, for the future.

On a positive note, I know they'll come (the answers), and I also know we're doing all we can as parents to ensure the best outcome for our quiet boy.  But it's not easy!  (But what is, right?)

Lemon #2:

After the stress of an emotional week, my father offered to keep Aksel for the weekend, to give Mark and me a much-needed break.

I didn't think twice...

Well, I received 'the call' on Saturday morning.  The call no parent wants to hear.  There'd been accident.  And Aksel was in the ER.

Beside myself, I asked, "Is he alright?  What happened, Dad?"

Without going into too much gruesome detail, let's just say... three gashes, nine stitches, and a black eye later... Aksel's fine!

Like father, like son.  Baby Frank and daddy!

By the way, did I say parenting is hard?  Sheesh!

But we're thankfully on the mend after a long, bitter week!

Happiness is... having my little boy, safe, at home!

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  1. wow. I always hate it when one of my kids gets hurt and Iam not there. I know it probably wouldn't have made a difference, but that mommy guilt doesn't listen to reason. As for the news about your son, I just wanted to share with you that my best friend had similar news about her daughter when she turned two. Gwen did not speak, barely slept and refused to eat anything other than whole milk. after many appointments and therapists, they came to the autism diagnsis. Gwen's is pretty severe and because of her lack of eating, she kept getting worse. They finally elected to put a feeding tube in her stomach. This was a hard choice. My girl called me crying almost daily. But they did it and you would not believe the difference. She is talking, singing and she potty trained herself this year. She is not even 5 yet. Her Therapists are amazed. Yes, she has a long way to go, but the change has been amazing. So, don't get too discouraged, I am sure you will soon find the key to his therapy and he will progress quickly. Hang in there! Praying for you!

  2. Oh gosh I am SO SO SO sorry you're going through so much. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you but you have the right attitude about it! I hope your little guy heals up really really soon!

  3. Hoping and praying that things will take a turn for the better. Sarah is right, finding the right therapy can make a world of difference. Follow your instinct when it comes to doctors, therapies, etc.

  4. Thinking the best for you and your little man. That is a pretty nasty cut.

    - Former neighbor

  5. Oh my Lord, when it rains it pours for you!! :( I'm so sorry that you had to get that phone call on top of an already stressful week. I'm glad that you can stay optimistic, and yes, you are doing what's right for your little guy and no one will be a stronger advocate for him than you. I'm so glad he's all right, although that picture of him is so sad!

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  6. Sounds like a rough time you've been having, hope everything looks up for you soon!

  7. What a week for you!! At least you can see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel...dim as it may seem right now,staying positive will get you and your family through it.
    Oh boy about the stitches and black eye! My heart goes out to you --I know that feeling when your not there to offer immideate comfote to your babies!
    Fingers crossed for a better week =^D

  8. Never mind apples those were more like some HUGE SOUR APPLES dropping right on your head! I know the feeling. sometimes it is even hard to just breath! But take it slow and remind yourself how to do it. The not knowing is the worse part. I was relieved when we finally got a diagnosis. Then i could stop with the what ifs and figure out where we went from there. Cut yourself some slack mama. It is okay to feel sad and no matter how many people try and tell you to make lemonade with lemons... well just concentrate right now on not swallowing any seeds. As for the ER visit ... that poor baby and your poor dad. he must have felt horrible for it happening on his watch! Hope by now your boy is on the mends.


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