Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: FoundIt!

Every day pets go missing, keys are lost, or a favorite something's misplaced.  And that's where FoundIt comes in to save the day.

But do they really?  That's the question.

To start, let me explain...

How FoundIt Works:

  1. You lose your music player.
  2. Somebody finds it and sees your FoundIt sticker.
  3. The Finder goes to, enters your ID, and types a message.  (They can also report by text message.)
  4. FoundIt notifies you by text and email.
  5. You and your device are reunited (and it feels so good).

Now, here's what I received to conduct my FoundIt review:

MacDaddy Family Package — $24.99

  • 4 years access to FoundIt Network
  • Set of 62 stickers
  • 2 key tags
  • 3 bag tags
  • 1 luggage tag/ID card
  • 2 round tags (pet tag)

And here's how I tested FoundIt...

Over the course of three days, I randomly dropped three unique sets
of keys adorned with FoundIt tags in various locations of my city.

(To construct my 'prop' keys, I went to a local hardware store and
asked for throwaways.  I also went to my grocery story and pharmacy
for incentive program tags, so the FoundIt tag wasn't the only one.)

So you know, I did not drop personal valuables (ie: wallet, ipod, cell phone) at risk of incurring monetary loss.

Here are the results of my FoundIt experiment:

Day 1:

Dropped keys in a busy restaurant district at 5:45 PM.
Keys were recovered through FoundIt at 6:42 PM.
Total time:  57 minutes

Day 2:

Dropped keys in the parking lot of a shopping complex at 10:20 AM.
Keys were recovered through FoundIt at 5:34 PM.
Total time:  7 hours, 14 minutes

Day 3:

Dropped keys in the parking lot of a busy diner at 9:55 AM.
Keys were recovered through FoundIt at 3:31 PM.
Total time:  5 hours, 36 minutes

Based on my experience, FoundIt delivers.  The product, at least in
the circumstance of lost keys, really works!  Yippee!

So, if you're prone to misplacing items (and sick of it), I recommend purchasing a FoundIt package.  It's an investment worth making!

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