Saturday, September 24, 2011


After a long day of testing (yesterday), we finally have answers...

Our sweet-tempered little boy is autistic.  It's a relief and heartbreak, all in one.

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  1. you are in my thoughts! you are a great mama!!

  2. I'm sure that was very difficult to hear. I'm know you and Mark will address his needs beautifully. What a sweet and handsome little boy you have! Thinking of you!

  3. *hug* Knowing is the first step. You'll find a rhythm and it will get easier. Love is the best medicine. Hang in there, hun.

  4. Just remember that he's still the same little boy you've always loved and that his diagnosis doesn't change who you know him to be. He is so beautiful, I will pray for your family. My cousin is autistic and she is so free-spirited and beautiful. Best of luck!

  5. (((Hugs)))... I not experienced this myself, but I have walked next to many a parent as they go through it. May you find many wonderful people who help you along the way as you travel this journey with your beautiful son.


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