Thursday, September 1, 2011

Design Inspiration: Vintage Artwork

I love vintage signs and posters!  Especially as a focal point on a great big wall.  So, here are a few chic spaces I'm totally digging:

The natural wood/ primary palette above is both rich and warming.

This powder room typifies, to me, 1930's glamour.  It conjures thoughts of long, silk robes and Myrna Loy...  pure elegance!

The sitting room above reminds me of my own little corner.  Not to mention, I love the wall color.  It's similar to my Behr Antique Tin.

An inspired work space is a must, right?  Well, the office above gets it right, right, right with Grace and gold touches.

The stunning contrast of the warm + cool colors above really packs a punch.  I envision Scotch and Ernest Hemingway... would you agree?

This red hat beauty above is on display in my dining room.  It'll soon serve as prop to Aksel's big top vintage circus party I'm planning.

The poster above was my most-recent birthday gift from ol' hubster. She doesn't have a wall to call her own just yet.  In time though...

What inspires you in design?  I'm curious to know.  :)

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