Friday, September 2, 2011

Perfect Party Invitations

As you well know, I'm planning a party, a 'big top' birthday extravaganza, for Aksel and his closest chums.  

I'm just getting started early.  Four months early, to be precise.

And what better place to start than the invitations.  So, here are a few circus selections (from Tiny Prints) I'm currently adoring:   

This is my top choice.  Reason being, the customizable photo.  

If I haven't yet shared, it's primarily my intention to veer away from the more common, kiddie-cute circus clichés like lions and seals. Instead, I want to showcase quirky sideshow favorites like the token strongman, fortune teller, and flamethrower.  

Throw in a tightrope walker for good measure.

Anyhow, to make a long party story short, it's my plan to include a photo of Aksel wearing an old-time prop headpiece like this:

But these following options aren't bad either.  In fact, choose a theme, and more than likely Tiny Prints will offer multiple choices.

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  1. Check out for other great invitations and stationery. Cute photo options and baby announcements. Amazing double your order for free special and other savings too on hundreds of items.

  2. Thesre cute! We are doing a circus themed party for my little boys 3rd Birthday I'll have to remember these when the time comes.

  3. I love the font work on the "Circus Show" invite.

    Another thought, if you're at all Adobe-inclined is to rifle through stock illustrations on iStockPhoto. That's how I designed the shower invites for my best friend. It meant I was able to change the colors to suit and spend way too many hours tweaking for the perfect invite. I had mine printed at Staples, but if you're looking for a glossier card, you could always have the design printed as a 4x6 r 5x7.


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