Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Teething Ringmaster: A Party Update

At least once a day, my husband says, "It's not the greatest show on Earth, but it is a circus."

Little does he know, I'm gonna show him circus come mid-December.

like the party favor boxes?

(He always get scared when I start planning a party.  Tee hee hee!)

Actually though, I believe I'm going to surprise ol' hubs this year. Pleasantly surprise him, that is.  Yes, Aksel's big top birthday party is going to be detail-oriented and circus perfect, but...

It's not going to be huge.  For starters, I'm only inviting a few friends. And I'm not ordering too much of any one thing.  

Speaking of ordering, here's Aksel's finished TP party invitation:

What do you think?  Myself, I enjoy the foresees turning 2 bit, like he's a prescient preschooler or something?  

My lil' fortune teller toddler.  

Momma's teething ringmaster.  

I could go on for hours.  I think I watch too much Wheel of Fortune...
How 'bout you though, got any party plans?

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