Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aksel's Halloween Adventure | A Review

My little goblin loves a good book!  (But what kid doesn't?)

So I was thrilled to receive Aksel's Halloween Adventure, a personalized story, courtesy of First Time Books.

I thought, "Spoo-ooky!  A story starring Aks.  How cool!"

Not to mention, I was tickled to include, as characters in said story, names of Aksel's closest friends.

But the novelty only goes so far, folks.

Grant it, the story is delightful, and I know my boy will enjoy reading it in years to come, I don't think the product is worth $20.  And we're just talking softcover.

(A hardcover copy costs $30.)

As a point of criticism too, I really think publishers/editors should modify the cover name font.  I felt Aksel's name was diminutive in comparison to the rest.  If I purchased this book for my child, or as a gift, I would be disappointed in how generic it looks.

On a positive note, I'm thankful to share this story with my little bug, at my favorite time of the year.

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