Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eight Weeks Ago

Eight weeks ago, prior to weekly speech therapy sessions, my child couldn't stack a block.

Now, he can.

Two months ago, his play was labeled immature.

*My little boy was diagnosed autistic at 20-months-old.

Since then, Aksel has mastered, in addition to his blocks, his Rainbow Stacker and Shape Sorting Cube by Melissa & Doug.

He's also intrigued by his Baby Einstein Language Discovery Cards.

What can I say?  My kid favors a good flashcard session.  (Thankfully!) His favorite words/cards are:  robot, rooster, fish, star, and baby.

And I'm also realizing each day how much my child loves music.

Actually, it's one of the only ways I'm able to get him to respond.  By singing to him, that is.  I mean, he'll stop what he's doing, whether that's crying or repetitively spinning objects, to look at me and smile.

And then he'll sing along, imitate the rhythm with the "da" syllable.

Can I tell you how happy this makes me?  It sends me over the moon!

Despite all the positives though, it's still really hard.  For instance, I learned three weeks ago, that there's a chance Aksel won't speak?! And two nights ago, while watching 60 Minutes, I was corrected to learn that nearly 30% of people with autism are non-verbal!

Can you say, break my heart?

But I won't worry about that now.  I'll try to take it a day at a time.

Right now, I'm just thankful he's getting the therapy he needs to better communicate and express his thoughts.

PS - Don't be ashamed to talk with your doctor if you feel your child isn't meeting his/her developmental milestones.  I'm so glad we did!

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  1. Gillian, I think you are really stong and a great Mama. Thanks for sharing this experience with so many others. Even if you don't hear it from people...you are making a difference just by talking about it. Our little family will keep your little family in our prayers and keep believing & rooting everyday for lots of beating those statistics!!!!

  2. Big hugs, you are a awesome mom!!! Im not sure how i missed his diagnosis, but what amazing things you are doing with him... please dont fret over the speech, it is very hard and heart breaking, im not "downplaying" that, however there are MANY other ways to communicate, PECS are generally great and very useful, espc since hes into flash cards! keep finding hte great things he loves and you can work with! you are an amazing mom!

  3. You have a beautiful boy. You should stay strong and work with him every day to help him overcome these challenges. But I am so glad that he got an early diagnosis. Early intervention can greatly improve his outcome. You're doing a wonderful job, and I am feeling optimistic that he can beat those odds and one day talk.

    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies.

  4. Those are some great accomplishments!
    Your son is beautiful! I just love his cute little face. He's very lucky to have you as his mommy, you're a strong woman and when things get rough for you, remember your post from a couple days ago... nothing beats his smile, the fact that he isn't in pain or holding on to life by a thread.

  5. Bought four books after the pediatrician diagnosed our son as a "late talker". This book left me in tears. It's horrible, and frankly, I have a background working with children who have autism, specifically the non-verbal. The author spouts quite a bit of say so, with no documentation to mention.


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