Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Newspeak for Autistic Parents

I'm learning to speak a new language.

(Thankfully, I'm a quick learner.)

But this isn't your everyday language, mind you.  It's Newspeak for Autistic Parents, and for me, it's a foggy world of abbreviations.

(Think George Orwell's Newspeak, but for autistic parents.)


  • EI = Early Interventionist
  • IFSP = Individualized Family Service Plan
  • OT = Occupational Therapy
  • SLT = Speech Language Therapy
  • ABA = Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • FCSC = Family Connections of South Carolina
  • DBCC = Disabilities Board of Charleston County
  • SCDDSN = SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

And, I've only just begun?!  I haven't even cracked the surface...

On a different note, but not really, we selected our EI this morning from SCDDSN.  We also met with our support parent from FCSC.

(Don't you just love it, the language?)

And things are moving nicely along!


More important than all this gibberish though:

Aksel responded to the word jump this morning.

He ran up beside me from nowhere, and attempted to jump after hearing me use the word in a conversation.

I was so proud!  (It really is the little things!)

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