Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blades of Gory

I've decided my excitement is a bad thing.  I mean, when I get excited, truly excited, things go wrong.  Or better yet, I get hurt.

Case in point, date night last week at the Carolina Ice Palace.  My husband took me ice skating.  How holiday sweet of him, right?

By the way, I'm so in the spirit!  (More as to why later.)

But as I was saying, I get excited.  And this night, on really hard ice, was no exception from the rest.  I was giddy! 

Singing Christmas songs in the car, imagining Lynn Holly Johnson (and handsome, Robby Benson) in Ice Castles.  

Shouting toe pick! from the rafters of our Volvo...

Folks, I was excited!

But the glee was sadly short-lived.  Sixteen minutes, to be exact.  Or roundabout twenty before I was carried off the ice...

That's right, carried off the ice.  Or hoisted, if you prefer.

It's a mystery how it happened, the fall.  So sudden and quick.  I mean, I started off slow, as you might imagine any girl from South Carolina would.  (Ice isn't too common 'round these parts.)  But I soon got the hang of it, and there was no stopping me.  

Swoosh, swoosh

The cold was so invigorating!

And that's when it happened.  Mom down.  Mom catastrophically down.  Lights on, no mom home.

I hit the back of my head so hard!  So hard it bled.  Talk about blades of gory!  Hence the reason I've been blog MIA. 

Moral of this post, I'm no spring chicken.  And, bring a helmet everywhere.  But really, accidents happen fast.  So, be careful!  

And tell those you love, how you feel often.  

(Because you never know when you'll fall, and not get back up.)

Happier skating!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you've recovered! There's no unintelligible sentences here, so I'm guessing you're OK!

  2. Oh noes! That's scary Gillian! And Holy girly girlness you are so brave to go ice skating in a skirt. Btw I like the Santa hat on the dude skating behind you.

  3. It's difficult because if you get too excited the adrenaline can make one careless, it happens I agree. Have you ever tried walking barefoot in the snow? It stings after but during is totally invigorating.


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